Day 115


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! And this marks the first (of hopefully many) holiday of sorts covered by my blog!

We jokingly bought a lot of candy not expecting many (if any) trick-or-treaters. Surprise surprise we have probably had around twenty odd kids. We have to awkwardly shout over the balcony, but the good thing is we can choose who to give out candy to. Our rule: now that it is night time, is only kids with parents accompanying them get candy (safety first). And we are officially the cool house – each kid gets a handful of candy, not the one small piece other places seem to be giving out. But the smiles on the kids and parents faces are awesome! I can’t even really explain why I enjoy Halloween – it’s just fun! And I find it somewhat neighbourly. We really don’t ever see or talk to anyone in our neighbourhood so it is nice to get to know some friendly faces. I feel that is really how Halloween should be; not necessarily celebrating anything in particular, but an excuse to make people happy and chat to those in your neighbourhood.

Now, as I am still not feeling great (see yesterdays post), it is a lazy night in watching hilarious Halloween movies (not scary ones) – particularly ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ which I haven’t seen yet.

Enjoy your Halloween (if you celebrate it)! Otherwise enjoy your weekend AND the final of the Rugby World Cup (GO THE ALL BLACKS)!


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