Day 119


It is one of those weird days that, although it is a Wednesday, it feels like a Thursday or Friday. And it sucks! Just a mundane day today; the All Blacks arrived home so the city was buzzing and it was a quiet day at work which was great to just work at a relaxed pace.

More importantly, Lush may have the BEST customer service in the world! I had recently emailed in to Lush wondering whether the recipe for one of their cleansers had changed (I had had two recent ‘bad’ batches lately that just weren’t what they usually were). In the end, Lush sent me a replacement cleanser as they take pride in the quality of their products. When the package arrive I was so pleased that they sent me another cleanser – but they also sent a box packed with samples from their Christmas range (check out the picture). So not only did they replace my cleanser (which was an amazing bonus in itself), they sent a whole lot more product! Lush has gone above and beyond and I will definitely be back to stock up on Christmas gifts for friends, that is for sure!

Virtual high five Lush, virtual high five!

Have you ever experienced customer service that just went above and beyond?


17 thoughts on “Day 119

    1. I know! I swear by their cleansers (they have worked a miracle on my troublesome skin) and was terrified they had changed the ingredients. Turns out it had just been a bad batch so they happily replaced it (with speedy delivery and bonus samples). I honestly cannot recommend them enough!.

      What is your favourite product (I am always interested for Lush recommendations)?

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        1. Yes – love the lip scrub (currently using the Mint Julips). Butterball is the BEST bath bomb (definitely try that if you haven’t) and I am a fan of the hair treatments. But their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser is my holy grail product – makes your skin feel amazing whilst still being fairly gentle (yet still exfoilating). To be honest, I wouldn’t say no to any product from Lush!

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          1. Please do! You can always get samples of a few to try. I have also heard Herbalism is really good; like Angels just a little more exfoilating! Have fun shopping (and don’t buy too much haha)!

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          2. Tell me about it – went shopping for a birthday present today … and ended buying things for myself as well (I cannot say no to Body Shop Body Butters)! As long as it is a good deal and something you will use, treat yourself πŸ˜€

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    1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s why I always return … and why everyone gets Lush gifts from me for birthdays and Christmas. I can’t help but shop there (especially when you have had a bad day, shopping there always cheers you up)!

      Favourite Lush product? Any recommendations?


      1. I used to work at lush about 12/13 years ago and when I left I kinda branched out and wanted to try other brands after being 100% Lush for so long! However I’m come crawling back now! There are a few Lush products I still brought on a regular basis. Butterball is probably one of my favourite bath bombs, very boring to look at but for someone like me who is far to lazy to bother with applying body moisturisers it’s perfect little chunks of coco butter do the job for me and it smell incredible lovely and vanillay, other other all time favourite it Avobath love the smell and the shimmer and again like Butterball the fact I don’t have to moisturise after using it, Creamy Candy bubble bar smells amazing (very sweet) and again allows me to skip the moisturiser! Love lettuce face mask is brilliant and I love love love fig and leaves soap! I ordered a lot of their Christmas items yesterday so I’m looking forward to that arriving! Hopefully I’ll have time to do a first impressions blog and a product review 😊

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        1. Ugh, I LOVE butterball! It’s what I always buy people as gifts also! Please do a first impressions blog – I love reading Lush reviews! I also love the lip scrubs and hair treatments (amazing for long hair like mine). I always love when their seasonal products come out πŸ˜€

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