Day 140


What to have for lunch on a warm sunny Auckland day? Nandos! More importantly a new Nandos opened up in the city; of course we had to check it out. On their opening day today they were only serving two meals. Disappointing. BUT they did have them at a discount! So all was well. And it was delicious.

Even better than the food was the walk there in the sunshine and warm summer air. I feel like I need to take a daily walk on my lunch break to feel less stressed and to soak in some vitamin D. New daily goal? I think so! Even walking around for just 10-15 minutes seems to be enough to help clear the head and ease the stress. Right before lunch work got rather stressful (don’t you just love when people forget to tell you that certain things need to be done … and you find out last minute?). Taking a quick walk to get lunch with some lovely workmates was enough to help clear my head, reduce the stress and enjoy the sunshine. Daily walks are definitely becoming a must.


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