Day 142


Sometimes, it is good to just look up once in a while – you never know what you will see. Strolling past many buildings in the city, what you see (if you look closely) caught my eye. Someone had lined the second story windows of a random building with little gremlin/creatures who poke their heads over the side of the building to look straight back at you.

We all walk with our heads down too often these day; be that looking at our phones, focussing on drinking our pumpkin spiced lattes or (as if often in my case) focussing on not tripping over ( – you accident prone people will know what I mean). Either way, I feel we are all losing touch with reality; losing confidence some ways. I used to walk past strangers and smile or say ‘good morning’ on the way to work, to which they would respond. The problem is today, more often than not, people are too busy not looking up at the rest of the world that they are missing the best parts.

And I am not saying this to make myself look innocent; I am highly guilty of this. In doing this blog, heading towards half way through my year long challenge, these little things are starting to be brought to my attention. And I know I need to start putting my phone away (…except for when prime photo opportunities sprout up) and enjoy what is going on around my; to start noticing the somewhat little things in life that can brighten your day.

Look up once in a while; you never know what you will see.


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