Day 143


What better to do on a rainy, humid Auckland day? Go to the movies, of course! My flatmate and I drove to one of Auckland’s busiest malls to go and see the new Hunger Games movie. It turns out the crazy Christmas shoppers have started.

Why is it that people become so rude and impatient during the Christmas season? In today’s great life annoyance: impatient people who choose to drive on the other side of the road in shopping malls to drive around the traffic jam, to then push back into the queue. Okay, rant over. The point I really want to make is that during the Christmas season, yes we all get a bit stressed. But remember, everyone is in the same situation as you are: we all want to get the Christmas shopping done in a timely manner.

And remember, the holiday season is supposed to be a joyous one. In my case, warmer weather and sunshine is on it’s way and it’s a time to spend with family and friends. Enjoy the Christmas decorations around you (my attempt to in today’s photo due to this particular malls decorations mainly consisting of creepy elves), enjoy the festive feeling in the air and enjoy time with loved ones. Don’t become rude and impatient and, most importantly, do not let it impair your judgement and ruin other peoples days.

I would like to say Christmas rant done, but really there will probably be a few more. I finished my Christmas shopping a week or so ago for this very reason; to not let what should be an enjoyable season become one that’s stressful.


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