Day 185


Last day of my vacation in Australia. As per my usual choice, I decided to spend the day relaxing. We took a drive down to the beach in the morning to take a few photos and join the masses relaxing in the sun. Then swung by McDonalds few a last chocolate waffle cone. After that, it was simple and relaxing home time; swimming, sunbathing and watching TV with the family. I am flying back to New Zealand tomorrow ready for work on Monday. It’s really quite strange the contrast from this time last year; I did not want to go home (ever) and was so unbelievably stressed and anxious. This year, I am quite content to go home (although I will miss the company of family); I am actually looking forward to another year (and hopefully more to come) with my flatmate and I am looking forward to researching at work. This year, I plan on giving my research all of my effort and thoughts – ie. no more procrastination (…well, I shall try anyway). Wish me luck flying home (I am a super nervous flyer)!


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