Day 190


I know, I know. Another food picture. But in my defence, it was delicious! And a very smart workmate suggested that the key to starting of writing up research is pretzels. It took a lot of convincing (not) but I gave in and bought two pretzels for lunch. I got my usual favourite (cheese-filled) and then decided to get another to try (zaatar and cream cheese). That way, in case I didn’t like the new one, I still had a delicious lunch. I didn’t finish them (they were rather filling) but even so, even though the new one was quite nice, nothing can beat the simplicity of  cheese.

And enough with the food talk, I have started making another chunky knit blanket – turns out knitting is great for managing stress! And nothing can beat a warm, snuggly blanket when you are just feeling average.

This week has flown by; just one more day of work. I have no plans, and I like it that way, so shall probably attempt to get my lazy butt to the gym and then attempt to finish writing up some recent research. Oh, the life of a graduate student.


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