Day 193


Enough of the procrastinating. Time to do some serious study and paper writing. Didn’t get as far through as I had hoped, but I am probably around half way of my goal and I did work all day! Quite the achievement! But it is time to stop now as I am getting really tired and that is just not productive. I did break my reasonably healthy eating (…well snacks-wise) from lately and bought some chocolate and lollies – but you can’t study without tasty treats to keep you going! After snacking throughout the day and having a larger lunch, I just wasn’t really hungry for dinner, so I whipped up a mini pizza using pita bread as the base. Of course, not quite as tasty as take-out pizza, but healthier and filled the gap all the same. Please note in the photo my adorable new table cloth; because who doesn’t want a table cloth to match your dining set? In my flat, we have purple dining chairs, purple plates and purple polka dot bowls. Why? Because life’s to short to buy boring tableware!

On another note, I started watching Mr Robot last night. Two episodes in and I am actually really enjoying it! Compelling, dramatic and a little funny at times – all around entertaining. Finding good entertainment like this is making me think about subscribing to Netflix, but I am just not so sure about what is on the NZ version. What to do, what to do…


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