Day 204


Notebooks on notebooks on notebooks. It is time I get back into seriously reading for my PhD. My current note-taking process is both computerised and hand-written; as I have said before, I don’t want to lose the ability to write as it appears many younger than I already have. However, I am currently writing everything in one notebook – and it is getting confusing. So, with the back-to-school sales I decided to stock up on smaller notebooks; one for each different topic I am reading about. And I am going to rewrite my current notes – seems like a pain but really it’s a good chance for me to revisit what I have already found, and figure out where I need to go in regards to reading from here.

And that’s enough academic talk for now. Weather is still unbearably humid. Sleeping is difficult. And I think I was woken at exactly 6.13am by the fire alarm going off … but going off for just one shriek. So I am really unsure whether it was real or a dream; I am leaning towards real.

One more day until the weekend! And it’s a long weekend here in Auckland! WOO!


4 thoughts on “Day 204

        1. Haha – oh I totally understand that! I just bought cheap exercise books in the back-to-school sales and then covered them 🙂 I’m a student on a budget haha!


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