Day 223


Taco Tuesday!

The weeks are really flying by…

Feeling a little more alive today, just sleepy but nothing a good nights sleep can’t help. I was a little more productive at work and a little more conversational. Oh, the joys of stress and being busy in your twenties – can I retire yet?

In typical Tuesday fashion I enjoyed tacos with friends before our attempt at pub quiz. And really, how delicious does my this taco look? (I can tell you, it was amazing)! We came fourth which actually isn’t too bad (there are around 20 teams). We used to do better more often but now there are more newer teams we rarely place (I hope they don’t cheat – it ruins the fun). Now to relax and watch the new season of How to Get Away with Murder (the first season was awesome so fingers crossed on this season) but attempting to get a good nights sleep.

I hope everyone’s weeks are starting of well; no stress and good things happening! Let me know the highlight of your week so far!


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