Day 224


A rainy summer day. And again I was super productive (well, not with my own study but with work in general). But most importantly, my dinner tonight was delicious! I am quite partial to a vege burger and I think I have finally perfected the homemade version. I am not a huge fan of chickpeas or any of the homemade recipes of the sorts – so I went with simple. And we all know simple is often best. I went for a homemade hash brown ‘patty’ – so grated and washed potato mixed with a bit of salt and pepper, fried on a low heat. And the usual grilled up veges – whatever I have in the fridge: capsicum, onion, carrot and salary. All topped with lightly toasted bread, lettuce and a generous helping of mayo. I highly recommend!

And onto another issue: toast. I specifically stated ‘lightly toasted bread’. Why? I have a serious pet-peeve to do with toast. I only eat the ever so slightly toasted bread. Luckily for me my flatmate has the same pet-peeve so the toaster is always set at the perfect setting. Does anyone else have this weird tendency – only just browned toast; if it’s burnt, it’s binned? Random thought for the day.


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