Day 228


I both love and hate Sundays. They are always the most relaxing day, but they also mean that work is tomorrow.

Today I went for a Sunday drive to an outlet mall in an attempt to find a new watch or watch strap to fix up my current (awesomely cheap Kmart) watch. Do you think I could find one? No. But I did find the most epic deal ever! Pictured, is a winter coat I bought from Forever New where I just went to pick up some new belts (also pictured) to change up a few of my dresses. When I was looking for the belts, I saw this faux fur lined hooded coat and liked to colour. Then I saw the price tag: $30 down from $180! Oh, and did I mention they had a further 25% off? This was a definite fashion steal and I am so happy with the bargain I found. I already have a number of coats, but none in this colour (…so that totally makes it okay, right?). And I just couldn’t turn down this amazing deal on a coat that fit me perfectly.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? And why is shopping so relaxing?


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