Day 242


I enjoyed a peaceful Sunday by making cookies. I restrained myself to only one batch, even though I there were two I really wanted to try out – both new recipes which are a little bit different. I settled on trying out an apple cookie recipe. Quite a strange cookie; really soft, not crunchy at all no matter how you bake them and full of shredded apples. This recipe is based off a recipe I found online, but as we cannot get many of the ingredients in NZ, ended up going off a basic cookie base recipe and adding the ingredients I wanted to flavour them. They taste like little apple pies (apple and cinnamon) and I went ahead and added white chocolate just to top them on and give them a little extra taste. I will take the lot to work tomorrow to see what people think and adjust the recipe as needed for next time.

Next weekend, there is a delicious looking chocolate cookie recipe I am dying to try. But I must restrain myself until next week to try them out!


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