Day 249


What to do on a Sunday? Bake cookies of course!

On the menu this week: Chocolate chunk and raspberry cookies. Pretty much a chocolate cookie with chunks of delicious Whittakers chocolate and real raspberries. One of my favourite food combinations is raspberries and chocolate so this cookie is a dream come true for me. And they are delicious! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and filled with bursts of berries and chocolate chunks. I think this recipe, like last weeks, is a winner! So, I guess my colleagues shall be getting cookies again tomorrow  – I have a ton! Now this recipe was messy! So. Messy! It was perfect at the start – really think and easy to work with. By the second and third batches in the oven (I am a one tray at a time kind of person), the raspberries had started to melt (this recipe uses frozen raspberries). And I am also one to not stick to the recipe and add more fruit and chocolate than the recipe states; I like my cookies to really taste how they are supposed to! Despite the messiness, this was actually a really simple recipe and if I may say so myself, they look delectable!

For this recipe (and a ton of other delicious looking cookies), check out the Women’s Weekly Classic Cookies cookbook by the Australian Women’s Weekly! This book is beautiful! Each recipe is accompanied by a mouthwatering photo and the book itself looks really pretty on the bookshelf.


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