Day 255


Today I found an old, empty bottle of Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air toner at the bottom of a basket. Don’t ask – I don’t know why it was still there. Maybe a reminder for me to buy more?

Anyway, the reason this is the photo of the day: I had a wee giggle that the name of the person that made my product (who works at a natural beauty company) is Kale. Yes, a person who works for Lush has the name Kale. And yes, I know this may not be real. But it is still pretty awesome! Kale, if you are out there, you are in the most perfect line of work. You were born to work for Lush.

And that has literally been the most exciting thing that has happened today. Wow.

*note to self: buy more of this toner. I actually don’t use toner – I like to use it when it’s really hot to cool you down (beauty tip for you)!


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