Day 272


It’s that time again! You know what it is!

Taco Tuesday! And pub quiz – but we did pretty average and tacos always win for the positivity points on a Tuesday. Now, you will remember that last Tuesday my flatmate and I were both a little ill so we didn’t go last week, sadly breaking what has become a tradition. But this week we were back at it! Though the trivia questions were a little strange this week so we only came sixth (out of twenty-something, so sixth isn’t so bas I suppose).

Today was supposed to be reserved for my PhD studies. But I found out I got a second paper accepted at the UK marketing conference and I was distracted all day! Two out two accepted – a bit daunting (not going to lie, I am terrified) but I am actually quite proud of myself and that it proved to me at a poignant time that I am capable of doing this. So I spent the day cleaning my apartment; super exciting but surprisingly great stress relief. So tomorrow I shall work; Thursday I shall read over my paper drafts and make some minor edits (well, as much as I can in the short page limit).

It’s strange. Life seemed to be stuck for a while; then all of a sudden it seems to be going too fast. It’s an adjustment and I am not one to like change so everything is making me a little anxious at the moment. I guess I just have to hold on tight and hope for the best!


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