Day 274


Is this sunset real life?

I just had to go outside this afternoon to see why my living room was being bathed in orange; it turns out that it was just another amazing sunset after a rather cloudy day. It is the little things like this that can turn your day into something positive. And I have discovered that my street seems to be perfectly placed for sunsets … well, in Autumn anyway!

I have been really lethargic today. Sleepy and light-headed (still). I am guessing I just didn’t sleep well and probably need to hydrate more! So I had a rather relaxed day as I just couldn’t get into study mode; no point sitting there staring at a blank piece of paper. I shall try and study some more at work tomorrow; work is still stressful despite reducing my hours back to normal but I guess it is just in my nature to worry about every little thing. Let’s just hope the mouse situation has been dealt with by the time I get to work tomorrow!

One more day until the weekend. Let’s do this.



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