Day 282


We made it to the end of the week! And what better way to celebrate than to not go to work and go and see a movie instead! Don’t worry, I didn’t pull a sickie – I switched Thursday (my normal day off) for today as my colleague was away. So strangely today feels like Saturday for me; it just felt right going to the movies!

I went to see The Boss – early afternoon as the school holidays start this weekend so leaving it any later would just see swarms of kids everywhere! Movie review in a few words: enjoyed it, but wouldn’t see it again. One of those movies where all the funny parts were in the trailer and the movie just seemed to be missing something; it just didn’t quite get there (wherever there is). Still, an entertaining afternoon and nice to get out of the house on what is usually a work day. That means on Sunday I must, must get onto my conference work. Procrastinating so badly.

Enjoy your weekend!


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