Day 283


I bought myself a few new eye shadows. And I think that nothing can make you happier than shiny, smooth new eye shadow pans!

I like to renew my makeup reasonably often; especially items I use most days. So, to get my lazy butt to the gym I promised myself I could get some new makeup from the store next to the gym, if I actually went. Some of my most used items are my ARTDECO eyeshadows. They are reasonably priced, come in a great range of colours and are just so pretty! I really like the way they apply and feel; the are soft and creamy, blend like a dream and are pigmented but not so much so that you can’t build up the colour.

Today I bought five new colours; all except for the bottom two on the left in the photo. In order from top left to bottom right in the photo:

95 – A beautiful, burgundy-violet

45 – A light, forest-y, khaki-green

29 – A shimmery, creamy beige

373 – A light, sparkly gold

30 – A light, taupe-y brown

I do love ARTDECO shadows, but I have to admit I like shadows that aren’t too pigmented. I like to be able to build up colour; to just have light, natural colour and be able to build that up if I want to. The best thing is you get to create your own palette; I have two trio’s and one quad because I find they are great for travelling with (so small and easy to pack)! These palette boxes have a magnetic strip so your ARTDECO shadows sit firmly in place but are easy to switch out if need be. You can get larger palettes, but I highly recommend the smaller ones for in your handbag or travelling. If you want a highly pigmented colour, this brand is probably not the best for you. But for everyday makeup that is affordable and really nice to use, give this brand a go!


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