Day 286


Procrastination. I am the worst. But oh so productive in other areas.

Editing and grammar checking is still going on – but I am more productive at night so here’s hoping I get one paper edited! The other can wait until tomorrow. And never fear, although it is Taco Tuesday and I am not going to Pub Quiz tonight, I did grab some tacos for lunch. So the tradition lives on!

I popped out this morning to check out prices of a new carry-on wheelie bag for my upcoming travels. Whilst at the mall, I spotted this really cool ANZAC day display. Hundreds of felt poppies lined a grass outdoor area; simple but striking. And reminded me that Monday is ANZAC day! It doesn’t seem like a year has passed since the last one! Time goes by so quickly, it’s scary. Whoever organised the memorial display did a lovely job and really reminds you how quickly so many lives were lost; and how easily it could happen again.

On that sad note, I shall get back to editing. Wish me luck.


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