Day 291


Just your average rainy Sunday …

Slept in, went to the gym and coloured. Now the conference paper editing has finished, I really should get onto presentation creating and PhD reading. But I really just needed a day to relax, and good old colouring always helps. Today’s photo is brought to you by Colour Me Calm; my first and simpler colouring book. And it has worked a treat and was the perfect activity for this rainy, Autumn day.

Tomorrow is a public holiday so no work for me! ANZAC day has come upon us and it still annoys me that we allow shops and workplaces to be open after 1pm – they shouldn’t be open at all. ANZAC day should encourage time be spent with family, to remember our ancestors who fought for our freedom and to act as a reminder that our time with our family is limited and to take the day to spend with them (with no other distractions). Tomorrow I shall spend the day at home, attempting to start on these presentations as my family does not live near me. But I shall avoid the malls and avoid the roads as everyone returns from their long weekend.

Long weekends are the best.


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