Day 300


DAY 300! And here I was questioning whether I would last a week daily blogging; 300 days later it has become a habit.

It’s only right this celebratory day land on Taco Tuesday; tacos for dinner, quiz with friends and an evening of distraction from the worries of life. Today’s photo is the result of Taco Tuesday; satisfaction, laughter, happiness. I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything today; tired from waking up early for fire alarm testing (and a nightmare) left me relaxing on the couch all day. It’s such a shame I just can’t seem to nap. Tomorrow, hopefully, I shall be getting some guidance on my PhD work so hopefully tomorrow onwards I shall be productive. And I need to try and start going to the gym more to run/walk off the stress and anxiety of late. And to stop taking the world on my shoulders. Let’s just call this the day 300 resolutions. Now to go and celebrate Day 300 with ice cream (…let’s just ignore that gym resolution for now).

Happy Day 300 and thank you to all of you following along so far!


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