Day 302


“Day off” – yeah, nah.

Just a day of housework and rain. And an attempt to do some study. But most importantly, my NZ t-shirt haul arrived! I ordered some tees from Mr Vintage the other day; two for me and a couple for some friends. And I am so happy with them all; especially my two. In today’s photo, the two most prominent tees are mine: the NZ fantail tshirt is simply adorable and potentially workable as a work outfit with a blazer and I love the quote “worry is a wasted emotion”. This really speaks to life at the moment with all of the work and study stresses; finding this tee put a wee bit of a smile on my face. And I must say, Mr Vintage tees, whenever I buy them, are some of the softest t-shirts that I own; I am a sucker for uber soft materials.

Now to potentially do a little more study and attempt a relaxing evening (… you know, because I am an idiot who never learns not to check her work emails and night and then sees stressful emails …now it’s playing on my mind, even though I know I didn’t do any wrong … sigh). But hey, worry is a wasted emotion, right?


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