Day 311


Saturdays seem to disappear so quickly.

Woke up. Did some laundry. And then went to see Bad Neighbours 2 with my flatmate. I enjoyed the movie; not as much as the first but it was still a good (cringe-worthy) laugh. Most importantly, we splashed out and bought tickets to the fancy seats!

The Lux seating at Hoyts cinemas is by no means cheap. They are anywhere from an extra $10 – $20 more than normal cinema tickets (depending on whether you are able to get a special deal – as we did today). But you do get prime seating at the back of the cinema, above all other seats. And most importantly you get a super comfy recliner chair. Now this can be both a good thing and a bad thing; good in that it is super comfy and you can practically lay down to watch the movie (just like lounging on the sofa at home), but bad in that you get so comfy that you get a little sleepy! So hint: go during the day like I did to limit tiredness (ha! I am such a grandma). One thing to note is you also get a complimentary soft drink and popcorn (pictured) – both small compared to what you normally buy from the cinema, but really a perfect size for me (to not over eat and feel ill). It was my flatmate’s first time using the Lux cinema; we were lucky and got two tickets for a slightly better price than separately. As it was a treat and her first time there – and it was lunch time – we ordered a cheesy garlic  bread off the menu. There menu items are ridiculously expensive for what they are, that is for certain. It was okay (for food prepared at a cinema) but nothing to rave about – just a standard cheesy garlic pizza. But it is pretty awesome that you can order hot food to arrive at any time during your movie (everything from snacks to larger meals like burgers or salads).

I totally recommend the Lux seats if: 1. you get them at a better deal (join movie clubs or email lists to get emailed any special deals like I did!); 2. you want to do something a little fancier as a treat; or 3. you want cinema seating that is a little less crowded. It is definitely not something I will do every time I see a movie as it is really quite expensive, but it was nice to feel a little bit fancy for once!


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