Day 314


Today was supposed to be easy. Wake up, go and do some shopping and then sit at home and leisurely work on my conference presentation. And then everything went wrong.

First, I ended up just working from home (and obviously not getting paid for it). Sorting work dramas including my travel to this conference (because they want it charged to somewhere else which meant starting the paper work from scratch which meant missing the ticketing deadline – nightmare, not happy). Once that was sorted I thought everything would be okay and managed to get half an hour to work on my conference presentation. And then I went to go for pub quiz and tacos. Until my car wouldn’t start. You will recall the car issues of last week. I thought the worst had happened and past and I spent a ton fixing that. And now my car is dead. It won’t unlock using the remote, it won’t turn on. Hopefully it is just a battery issue. But in saying that I just got an estimate and it is through the roof expensive. I am so angry. I know these things happen, but they always seem to happen to me at the worst times possible. You know how they say everyone has a breaking point? Well I have just hit mine. This is just too much stress, too much money and I now feel as if I am living in constant anxiety of something going wrong.

So today’s photo is of my Tuesday tacos. It would have been something different for a change, but things turned to crap and nothing else particularly good happened today, sadly. What to do when everything goes wrong? I think snuggling in a warm blanket and just going to bed. Today needs to end already.


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