Day 322


Well. Today. I was dreading it. But (hopefully) everything shall turn out okay.

So after the frights of yesterday, I went to work thinking everything would be strange. But it was that weird thing where you feel like everything’s changed but everyone else is going on as normal. It’s the weirdest feeling; like everything is going on so fast around you but for you, time has stopped. The job situation shall work out okay; after talking it over it will allow me more time on my studies and hopefully the same pay. The travel is what is stressing me out now; flights still not confirmed, discussions with the bosses and hopefully (fingers crossed and prayers to whatever beings there are) soon to be approved and sorted. So let’s all hope that that works out, especially after the sickness-filled night last night. I may then be able to sleep peacefully at night. Besides that, my upcoming surgery has me on edge; despite how many others I have had in the past, it never gets easier.

Now, today’s photo; a rainy Auckland afternoon. Both the highlight (and literal lowlight) of my day. Around 4pm as I went to leave work, the skies became pitch black as if it were night time. The loudest thunder rang about and lightening lit up the skies. And the heavens opened with one of the heaviest downpours of rain in quite a while. And as per Murphy’s Law I left my umbrella in the car. So I waited around at work instead and then one of my kind workmates walked to the carpark with me and shared their umbrella. Some people can always brighten your day. And sometimes even the most miserable weather can actually be kind of beautiful.



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