Day 324


Courier deliveries always brighten your day!

Now enough of the stressed out ranting of the last week. Despite still feeling average, I received a courier delivery today that made my day. Today’s photo is of my Beauty Review Beauty Vault haul. For those who don’t know, Beauty Review is a beauty-related review website for NZers that awesomely give you points for reviewing products. These points can be used in quarterly vault sales to purchase free items. I used all of my points this time to accumulate quite the beauty haul (today’s photo).

So, what did I receive?

  • Green Tea Buddy Scrub
  • Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo
  • Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner
  • Essano Argan Oil Hair Recovery Serum
  • Footcare Solettes
  • Manicare Nail Buffer
  • OPI Nail Polish in Suzi’s Hungary Again
  • Revitanail Instant Dry Drops
  • Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab

And why is this haul awesome? I have actually only tried one of the products before! The only one of these products I have used before is the Manicare Nail Buffer – which by the way are awesome if you get lazy like me and don’t want to paint your nails all the time but still want shiny, smooth nails. Everything else is new and I am totally excited to try it all.

Most importantly, this package brightened my day and my whole week in fact. I know they say money can’t buy happiness (and in this case it didn’t as these products didn’t cost physical money), by exciting gifts and faster delivery than expected sure can!

If anyone wants to know what I think of the products once I use them, let me know! And if you are from New Zealand and want to review beauty products, sign up here.


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