Day 325


Spent the entire day cooking and baking. The actual entire day. Nothing but cooking. And chores. I’m exhausted.

I’m still feeling really unsettled; not sure if it is sickness or uncertainty from all the stress and changes happening. Either way, feeling pretty bleh. So, to improve my mood and also tire myself out quickly (so I found), I cooked up a storm! Lucky for us, the power company we use at my flat occasionally give out free energy days – today was ours. I did a total of three loads of laundry (warm wash for once), used the dryer for a few things and had the oven on pretty much all day!

So, what did I make: a creamy tomato soup and a pumpkin soup (both the freeze and to stock pile for after surgery this week) – both vegetarian and super healthy. I always use recipes as a base and adapt it to make it my own; this is also the case for my soups. The pumpkin soup (pictured) usually uses a little less pumpkin and actually has a thai red curry paste in it. I decided to leave this out as I just wanted something a little plainer for when I may not be feeling that great. I also used two different types of pumpkin and added a few more veges, just to mix it up a little. The creamy tomato soup is also delicious and uses a cashew cream rather than dairy – awesome for anyone who can’t stomach rich dairy products!

I then baked peanut butter m&m cookies and chocolate raspberry muffins. Again, adding my own touches (usually consisting of more chocolate). For the muffins, turns out we had run out of milk so I had to improve; I used chocolate milk. And the muffins are delicious! Turns out adding chocolate milk (rather than plain milk) to muffins with chocolate in them, gives them a really smooth background chocolate flavour. Most definitely doing this again!

Now I shall spend the evening attempting to relax and unwind. Watch movies, have a good laugh with my flatmate and ignore the fact that everything is uncertain; to just enjoy the present.


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