Day 337


One week until I travel half way across the world. And I’m stressed.

You are supposed to be excited to travel. And don’t get me wrong, I totally am. But I am also incredibly stressed and scared. There is so much to do and worry about before I leave and I just want my travels to be worry-free. I have promised myself that once I leave, I leave the stresses that have currently plagued me at the airport; that this trip is about me. I need to focus on enjoying my holiday with friends and I need to focus on the conference presentations. I cannot let home-life stresses hinder this. So that means I need to get organised. This weekend I need to get on the list making of everything I need to pack and anything I need to buy or pay for before I go.

Now, today’s photo: I went out for lunch with the other PhD students at a Chinese restaurant. As my face still hurts, I went for easy to eat food: fried rice. It was pretty good but the restaurant was a bit random (hidden away, kind of strange service in that it took a while and just seemed different). I enjoyed spending time with other students although I wish we didn’t spend the time talking about studies; it stresses me out how much further they all seem to be than what I am. But I must not let myself into these head games again and just have to trust that I am on the right track and have done enough work.

Again, I am exhausted at the end of the day. Time to rest.


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