Day 369

“Feed the birds…”

I officially fulfilled my travel dream. I went to St Paul’s Cathedral. I have always wanted to visit since the day I first saw Mary Poppins. And today I got to tick off one of the top things on my bucket list. 

At first I was sad as I couldn’t see any birds. But as I sat on the stairs to the cathedral and ate my lunch, a number of birds appeared (apparently never doubt a pigeons ability to sniff out food). And as the are the crumbs of my lunch that had fallen on the ground I couldn’t help but smile and hum “feed the birds”. Life complete. 

The tour of St Paul’s was amazing. So much I never knew about the place. I also toured the Tower of London but the place is so big and somewhat confusing I actually enjoyed St. Paul’s more. I then spent the rest of my money on random items along Oxford St. 

I am spending the evening packing and massaging my seriously aching feet. Ready to fly out back to NZ tomorrow (not looking forward to the long flights and getting back to the stress of reality). I will actually miss the UK – I enjoyed my time so much. And it honestly just feels like home. I can easily envision myself living here and I actually enjoy their cooler summers. Maybe this is the place for me? Let’s see what the future brings. 


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