Day 377

I feel like days just pass by without me knowing. And I’m still not back in the study mode: after the old rude professor needless to say I’ve been a little off about study – and I still have this cold which doesn’t help. And my work computer is not fixed so that’s out. So instead I stayed home again working on my photobook from my travels. At least it’s somewhat productive. 

Today’s photo: my favourite purchases from my travels. Three Mac palettes. And the brighten my day a little more when I use them. A random photo for today but I’ve decided I need to put a little more effort into my appearance when leaving the house if I ever want to break this always-single spell. So I shall try put in even an extra ten minutes to looking my best – rather than dressing however I want. We’ll see how that goes. And I do love eyeshadows – it’s like an art form you can use everyday. 


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