Day 399

I really do have the worst habit of shopping when I’m having a bad day. My bank account hates me; but it really is therapeutic. 

Today I had a little spend up on beauty and skincare; things I’ve had my eye on for a while. First stop was Farmers as they had 15% off all their makeup (not a lot but surely a help). I bought Nude by Natures Skin Illuminator. Never used it before but as I can’t wear makeup over my scar for a while, I went out looking for something only lightly tinted where going around my scar wouldn’t look like a noticeable missed patch. I’m excited to try this as it is just an ever so slightly tinted, shimmery cream. It should hopefully make my skin glow and take away a need for foundation. I also bought L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Cushion Foundation in the lightest shade (it’s winter, I’m pale). Again never tried this but it is reasonably new on the market and may be better than a purely liquid foundation (which in not a fan of – I use powder foundations). I also bought  a Hask hair oil – haven’t tried this particular one but needed a new hair oil to try as I’ve never found one I loved yet. And finally the one product I have tried: Lee Stafford hair growth treatment. I can’t say I noticed my hair growing last time I used it (I swear it is just stuck at one length) but this made my hair look and feel so healthy and using it just this once tonight hair already feels super soft and light. It smells pretty good to which is a bonus. 

I then popped into a local discount beauty store called Price Wise to get some insect repelling bracelets for my upcoming travels (I swear mosquitos love me) and ended up buying two Art Deco lip balms/lip sticks which adapt to your unique pH Level. I got one for the makeup bag and one for the handbag as they are a lot less hassle to apply than lipstick when I’m out and about. Here I also bought the Lipodol Night Face Oil – I currently use bio oil on my scar to help it heal and as this is by the same company I thought it would be nice for the rest of my skin. In buying that I got a free sunscreen oil – sounds perfect for my upcoming travels!

Quite the haul but definitely made my day! Sometimes you’ve just got to pamper yourself!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think!


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