Day 400

400 straight days of blogging! And what better way to celebrate than with puppies!!! (Well dogs but all cute dogs count as puppies). 

My flatmate and I went for a drive to a few far away malls today – sadly disappointing with nothing different than any other mall. New Zealand is so lame when it comes to malls that’s for sure. We also stopped at a scholastic book outlet and stocked up on some $5 books for our upcoming holiday. 

I then caught up with a good friend to see Jason Bourne (I love the movie series so I totally enjoyed the movie). But most importantly there were dogs in the mall. 

The assistance dogs charity were in the malls around NZ this week to raise money to provide and train these amazing dogs for people who need them to live a better life – both physically to get around and mentally or socially to live a more normal life. And what an amazing charity – and one I donate to every year (and struggle encourage everyone too). 

Today’s photo is of Basil. The most calm, relaxed dog out there. And I got to hang out with him for a bit and just watch my stresses fly away. These amazing creatures bring with them this beautiful sense of calmness. And cuteness. Another dog there with Basil finished the water from his bowl and then proceeded to pick up the bowl and carry it in its mouth to the nearest human to refill. So freakin cute. 

Dogs are awesome. Hug them whenever you can. And watch your worries melt away. 

Happy 400 days everyone! And let’s celebrate with this photo of one awesome dog who is making someone’s life so much better! 


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