Day 436

Finally picked up my parcel from OnceIt! Bought me a pair of New Balance shoes (pictured). Well, another pair! I just wanted a pair of casual but dressier-than-running-shoes shoes. And I am super happy with the colours! I also have a pair of mint green and black ones (in a size smaller) which are awesome but not as versatile as the grey. 

Then I maaaaay have bought another two pairs of shoes on the way home at the Hannah’s clearance store. Whoops. But in all fairness one was a pair of leather boots that were down to $50 from $200 and a pair of Keds which I find super comfy. Either way I’m totally happy with my buys!!!

I did come home and clear out a few old pairs of shoes – some to donate and some to throw out. So that cleared up room! I also bought a few cute storage boxes to store my shoes in a tidy fashion. I feel so organised. 

Have you had any good buys this weekend?


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