Day 447

Finished my first pile of grading! Woo! Only to pick more up tomorrow…

Anyway, highlight of today: going to the Scholastic warehouse book sale! Mostly kids books but found a few young adult ones (pictured – only bought 4 but probably going back to look tomorrow) that sounded somewhat interesting and mind numbing after a day reading academic literature. And all for $2 a novel! Then got to the checkout for them to say there was another 50% off. $1 a book. Mind blown.  So happy. I love books. And I love bargains. And both in one purchase is bookworm heaven. 

Books are just such a great distraction from real life. I love mysteries, tacky romance and teenage drama. Anything that is an easy read and provides comfort from the hardships of reality. Probably why I need to put down A Brief History of Time after days of study and research and pick up the cheesy novels I’ve recently bought (and there have been many because of these book sales). 

If you’re in Auckland, go check out he Scholastic book sale – ends Saturday! A definite bargain!


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