Day 459

An interesting day…

Started off dropping my car off for a service. Had to take the bus to work which made me majorly motion sick so I spent most of the day feeling rather average (didn’t help feeling ill the last two days). And couldn’t get back on the bus in time to pick up my car so another early morning tomorrow to do just that. But at least in taking a different mode of transport I noticed some different sites I never have before (like the beautiful old church on the walk to the bus stop, pictured). 

And then I bought a new car. Over the phone. By trusting my mother. Goodbye all my savings. But it’s time for a new car to reliably last me for the next five years. So broke. But it needed to be done. 

And then I watched the US presidential debate. As a completely outside viewer I honestly can’t believe how unprofessional the debate is allowing for such rudeness to rule the show. But it is definitely entertaining that’s for sure. 

And now in my exhausted state I’ve collapsed into bed. To hopefully dream of a world less tiresome then this one. 


3 thoughts on “Day 459

    1. I’m glad someone else thinks so! For me (as an outside observer) I just find it crazy that whenever someone brings it back to policy discussions, something personal is brought up; it’s like high school bullying. I just hope the most professional wins! And nice to hear from a reader from overseas 🙂

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