Day 460

Yes, it’s taco Tuesday and quiz night and for once I don’t have a photo of food. But I received my DB cosmetics package and that’s way more exciting!

Sooo let’s get to it!

I got the DB cosmetics:

  • Red Tulip perfume
  • Extend a lash mascara
  • Longwear 24hr foundation (in classic ivory)
  • False lashes (Delicate)

So I can safely say I’ve used the extend a lash mascara before and loved it. I’m not a fan of false lashes so this is a great alternative and a little more subtle – it is a fibre mascara that comes with a plain tubing mascara as well as separate fibres which is great for building up length. It can look a little clumpy if you’re not careful so I recommend, once the false lash fibres are applied, to go over a few times with the tubing mascara and if you’re still not happy then another mascara as well. 

Everything else is new for me! I’ve heard good things about the foundation but I shall get back to you on that one. 

I’m not a fan of false lashes but the delicate lashes I bought are quite fine and not at all tacky. These will be left for a special occasion and I’m sure I’ll have a hilarious story about trying to apply them (even though they are self-adhesive). 

The perfume: so far I’m pleasantly surprised! This particular one is inspired by Kenzo Flower – a perfume I really like but can’t afford. Not going to lie, this dupe smells so good! Wore it for the first time to quiz tonight and got compliments! It’s floral but warm and somewhat mouthwatering. It just smells so good! I really wanted the perfume inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy but it was sold out so I shall definitely be buying it when it is back in stock. 

If you like pretty decent makeup at bargain prices, check out DB cosmetics. I’m impressed with the makeup and fragrance dupes I got and all for a bargain price. Better yet, even though they are low cost they are still cruelty free! Total win!


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