Day 474

Drama at quiz night!

Because this is seriously the most interesting thing that has happened all week. Besides the usual taco Tuesday dinner. 

It’s not uncommon for teams to question an answer at our local quiz night. Human error happens and occasionally the markers get it wrong. But people are always discreet and polite. Until tonight. A team that has been attending our quiz since at least from when we started there three or so years ago caused quite the scene! When not agreeing with an answer, this team questioned it. Not out of the ordinary. However, when the quiz master googled the question and saw that the team was indeed incorrect, this team – well, one cranky (potentially drunk) middle aged woman – decided to yell and curse at at the quiz hosts because they weren’t happy that they didn’t get their what. She yelled out in front of everyone “you should be ashamed of yourselves! Get your facts right”. It was crazy. Everyone went silent. It was awkward. 

She stormed out. 


In the end, them storming out gave us third place and a hilarious discussion after this team left that saw us all agree with the quizmasters answer. 

Moral of the story: don’t be a sore loser. 


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