Day 478

I had the worst sleep last night. 

Couldn’t sleep. Then woken up at 7.30am by the sounds of kids yelling and laughing outside. I was so tired I actually just wanted to cry. 

Yet I still hauled my butt to the gym. Enough of the excuses and time to get back into it. Though I think it actually made me feel sicker. The whole week I haven’t really felt any better; just different degrees of a cold. The annoying pain and pressure was back in my head today and that along with the tiredness just ended in an annoying headache. So much for getting work done. 

Today’s photo was of the pretty sunset this evening. It was a little cloudy so I didn’t see any crazy pretty golden setting sun; rather, all the clouds spread across the sky lit up pink. And it was pretty damn spectacular. 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: summer is coming and I can’t wait!


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