Day 508

And another from the One Tree Hill adventure – the One Tree Hill monument. 

So I didn’t get to take a photo from today. My excuse: had to wait around for someone to fix the internet … when they couldn’t find a fault even though they new it was there. Oh, internet companies. 

Seriously, our internet company surprisingly (so far) has awesome customer service. Friendly, answer reasonably quickly and respond to Facebook messages pretty quickly. However, the technical/line/whatever they’re called company in NZ (Chorus) are actually useless. Take days to come and check out a fault. Never seem to find it. And they never even set the internet up properly in the first place – rather the dude wanted to get home because it was the end of the day. But there is no one else in NZ who can do whatever it is they do. So we have no choice but to suffer through the awfulness that is Chorus customer service. 

Ok, internet rant done. Enjoy the photo of what was a nice day!


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