Day 509

My thoughts on Tuesdays:

I have a strange liking of Tuesdays. Maybe it’s because of trivia night and friends. Or maybe it’s because it is the eve of the middle of the week. Tuesday’s are the best excuse for Mexican food and to celebrate the almost-middle of the week. 

And on this Tuesday I strolled in the sunshine; ignoring the stresses of the day and enjoying the sun shine. And that is the simplicity of today’s photo: nature and enjoyment of the day. 

I really just had one of those dats where I was trying to write about my PhD topic and got as far as writing my name. I have all of these idea in my head but just can’t get them out on paper. I swear, I have tried but all that comes out is a rambling mess that goes off on about ten tangents … much like this blog really. I need to focus my thoughts; take one little step at a time rather than one giant leap. 

Writing is difficult when you have so much to say but are unsure how to say it. 


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