Day 510

Soooo super late post from yesterday. I’ve been busy. But not. You get the point. 

Successful draft PhD presentation yesterday – so I celebrated by doing nothing the whole afternoon. And I should be editing it now. But I keep getting distracted. And instead I went looking for new glasses this morning and I am seriously terrible at making a decision. 

New glasses – because it’s the same price to replace just the lenses. And if I get sick of them I just won’t wear them and then I whinge about headaches. But really, I’m super indecisive. 

In other news, now I am not so strict about the on time daily blog posts, I am going to star at giving them titles; more than just day “insert number here” – well, when there is a decent title to be given. I was tempted to stop the daily blogging but every individual like or comment really makes my day so I think I may just keep going for my own selfish gain (of smiles every time someone is awesome). 

Oh, and the photo is from our little free data hunt the other day. Ended up at this random but totally quaint little park. 


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