Puzzles and Friends (Day 512)

Late post – late night. But an awesome night. 

Caught up with my awesome friends for cocktails (pictured) and gossip. We ended up going back to my place to – wait for it – do a puzzle. Yes. Four twenty-somethings on a Friday night came home early for some puzzle time. 

And it may have been the funniest thing we have done on a while. We crowded around my tiny dining table with a brand new Wasgij puzzle. And 3 ish hours later we are almost half way there … and this will likely continue tonight. A new concept we have dubbed ‘Pancakes and Puzzles’ – we got to carried away last night and forgot to make the pancakes we bought all the ingredients for. 

And besides the puzzle and laughter, the cocktails were delicious. So an awesome night indeed. 


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