Beauty Haul (Day 520)

So I broke my attempt to not spend much by going to a makeup clearance sale. Whoops. In all fairness I was planning on clearing out all of my nail polishes and begin replacing them. So kind of an excuse? 

So as you can see by today’s photo of the day I bought a fair bit. And was finally able to get my hands on   The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. I had tried to get this when I was in the UK (The Balm is preeettttyy pricey in NZ) but they had sold out. So was super excited to see this for super cheap at the clearance sale! I also got Soap and Glory’s Firminator – never heard of it before but hey, can’t do any harm now I’m into summer shorts! The same goes with Tony & Guy’s Glamour Serum Drops – I love hair serums and am always looking to try new ones to find one that works amazingly. And when you find one on super clearance for $3.50 it’s well worth a try! 

Then nail polishes. It was just too tempting and cheap. I got twoSally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes – I bought one the other day and really like it (and so far it’s been two days without chipping – a definite record for me). The colours if you’re interested: Ruby Shimmers (590) and For the Thrill (580). I also got two OPI polishes – Next Stop…The Bikini Zone and Centennial Celebration. Along with this I grabbed the OPI Matte Nail Envy treatment – my nails are weak and break constantly so let’s see if this helps!

So it turned into a pretty epic haul! And I may pop back today to grab and eye shadow palette from The Balm. And that will probably end in buying some more nail polishes. Oh dear. I have a serious problem. 


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