Shopping and Salads (Day 527)

Just a day spent shopping. Nothing I enjoy more! 

We went to an outlet mall where I surprisingly didn’t end up buying much! I bought another Fossil leather handbag – my favourite handbag brand and I just cannot help myself buying another every time I come to Australia. I also bought some Lindt peanut butter chocolates … because peanut butter is the greatest. And that was about it! I only plan on buying a new phone and maybe a perfume before I head back early next week. So controlled! Or simply a poor student? One of the two. 

We did stop for lunch. My stomach is still making me feel a little queasy after the early week stomach bug. This may be one of those that just hangs around for a long while unfortunately. Despite this, lunch was delicious. We went to Grill’d – a pretty damn good burger place in Australia – and as much as I wanted a burger I knew it wasn’t a good idea. So I went for a chicken Caesar salad (pictured). And it was delicious. And massive. But I still impressively made it half way through. And now I’m sitting here rubbing my sore stomach. When will this sickness disappear! 

And then I continued reading my book. The most relaxing part of the day; my peaceful place. 

Tomorrow – plan is to potentially buy a new phone. This ones is starting to lag quite a bit so it may be time to upgrade. Just have to decide whether or not to part with the money! Can I win lotto yet?


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