Dinner and Disney (Day 537)

Late post from yesterday – sometimes you just fall asleep! So today’s photo is from a walk around a really pretty local reserve – not the movies which is the main thing I did yesterday. 

I finally saw Moana!!! And I loved it! I had been so annoyed that a pacific island (of which the movie surrounds the culture of) was the last to have it released. But I have to admit, it was worth the wait! And Nandos beforehand just made the day even better (love me some veggie paella). 

What I loved about Moana: it didn’t exploit the pacific culture. I was seriously worried about this but I feel it was respectfully done. I also loved that they had a female lead and the storyline did not focus on a love interest. Just simply a girl exploring and saving her people. High five for that one Disney! Also awesome to hear so many kiwi accents in this movie – glad it wasn’t all American accents or people faking an accent – woo!

What I loved most was the excitement of the pacific island children in the theatre – they could relate to everything (from the hilarious grandma, to the cultural legends). And I am predicting (and hoping) for a resurgence of cultural pride in the pacific islands this year – NZ included. If this movie makes culture cool again, then Disney you have done your job!

If you haven’t seen t already, I highly suggest you go see it! Even if just for the hilarity that is Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) as Tamatoa just singing about all things shiny! 


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