Don’t Want to Say Goodbye to the Holidays (Day 546 and 547)

The last two days have seen some pretty beautiful weather. And it is really making me not want to go back to work! I was planning on getting back into the study routine this week, but this extreme fatigue (apparently exhaustion) has seen me struggle to do much. 

Instead, I’ve really just been enjoying the summer. Yesterday I went to visit family. And play with the most adorable labradoodle that  they were dog-sitting. I don’t think there is anything more stress reducing than playing with a cute dog. 

The day before that I went for a walk around the Auckland Botanical Gardens. I was actually pretty impressed! It also helped that my expectations were pretty low. The rose gardens were really pretty and the walk was surprisingly calming. I even took my camera to have a play around and learn to use it better – and the help fulfill one of my goals this year to take more photos on a camera (and not rely on a phone so much). Hopefully soon I’ll have enough for my first photo book of the year!

Another post for two days – but the exhaustion is real! I physically feel like I’ve been running marathons but I’ve been doing nothing. It’s crazy what the body does when you subconsciously become too stressed. And on Monday, whether I’m too tired or not, I shall be back into study mode. Goodbye holidays! 

(Maybe I can write down at the beach? …)


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