Work and Play (Day 564 and 565)

This whole writing thing for my PhD is going a lot slower than I anticipated. I’ve just brainstormed and braindumped ideas And haven’t even written proper paragraphs. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere right?

And then tonight I went to my pub quiz – third place woo! And went out for dinner before hand with my dad, sister and (new) brother-in-law before my dad flys back home tomorrow.

And now I’m tired! So came back home to watch the latest episode of Shadowhunters and cry over the death (won’t name it in case I ruin it for anyone). This change from the books could be interesting for the show though! I loved the Mortal Instruments books and actually really like the tv show for all its young adult cheesiness (and the hot guys, let’s face it). That show shall then lead onto the latest episode of The Bachelor – Tuesdays really are a great girly night for TV!

Photo – my bouquet from my sisters wedding. The colours are beyond beautiful and are currently brightening up my kitchen. Hopefully they will last a while but likely will not. Still, they’re pretty!


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