The Worst Night Ever (Day 566 and 567)

Let’s rewind back to 11.30pm Tuesday night…

As I was going to bed I heard someone’s car horn randomly going off. Just thought it was some annoying kid. And then it happened again fifteen minutes later as I was drifting off to sleep. And it gave me a heart attack! The honking went on for around a minute and then stopped again. So my flatmate and I decided to be brace and sneak down to the parking area in our apartment just to make sure no one had broken in. Not sure what we were going to do if someone had but hey, you gotta live life on the edge (…and then later think twice about doing it again). So after finding no one there, I went back to bed. 

… fifteen minutes later the same thing happened. Again and again and again. 

Around 1am we went outside our apartment to then bump into some neighbours also trying to catch the invisible culprit. Long story short we were found that a certain neighbours car horn was going off on its own sporadically. Getting more and more frequent. We traced down the owners house but they didn’t answer. How they didn’t hear the horn or the door is beyond me considering the next morning they said they had been there all night. It was so loud in my house, it woke me up every time it went off (considering there was no more than 5min silence… you get the picture). 

This car horn continued constantly until 8am the next morning. 

I got a total of one hour sleep. 

And couldn’t function. 

And as a sufferer of frequent migraines this was my nightmare situation and left me incredibly ill the next day. The whole neighbourhood was kept awake. And everyone was understandably angry. And to make it worse, the owner appeared to not care (after all, they got a good nights sleep). 

Officially one of the worst nights ever. 

(So here’s a photo of a beautiful summer sunset on an evening walk instead)


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