All Play and No Work (Day 568 and 569)

I’ve actually had a really busy last few days. And I’m exhausted!

Over the last two days I’ve been to the movies, a book sale, participated in some consumer research and visited an escape room. Doesn’t sound like much but I feel like I’ve run a marathon. 

The movie I saw was Hidden Figures. And it was beautiful. Yay for women in science! I love anything astronomy related so a story about this along with people overcoming adversity just makes for an overall awesome film. It kept my attention the entire time (something many films often struggle with) and was just a genuinely great movie. 

Then next day I went to the Scholastic book sale where you could fill a box for $20. Got 20 books! Woo! Shall save a pick for another post – I could talk forever about books. 

I then went and participate in a fellow PhD student’s research before heading to Escapade for another escape room with friends. And it was awesome! We escapaded with ten minutes to spare – above average for that room apparently! We also went and had pretzels – one of my friends for the first time and now she’s addicted! And because Popa’s Pretzels are amazing, that is today’s photos!

I was the going to go out to a friends that night. But it got later and I got tireder and I ended up falling asleep. Whoops. 

More photos in the coming post of my exhausting few days!


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